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We have a range of solid rubber wheels ranging in sizes for jobs such as light support up to heavy duty rolling. Typically fitted with nylon bushes or cast iron centres, you’ll find what you need from Wheelco. If it’s not the standard range, chat to our team for more assistance.


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Wheelco is your go-to partner for solid rubber wheels

We know that our customers expect that their wheels should get the job done well - for the long haul. And that’s exactly what Wheelco’s ethos around customer service is, too. We prioritise getting the best wheel products onto the equipment of our customers quickly and with support to ensure they make the most informed purchase. Getting our customers’ rolling again whether that’s on a factory floor, in a supermarket or a large entrance gate is what we do.

With 25 years in the industrial wheel and castors industry, we have built up extensive knowledge in all areas of wheels. For solid rubber wheels we have a close understanding of the types of applications these products are best for, how to fit then and the variables of different equipment that need to be considered. 

You don’t have to work it out alone - our team will guide you through the entire process from research to post-purchase installation. 

Where solid rubber wheels are used in commercial applications

Solid rubber wheels don’t have the air or foam fill of other wheel types, so they’re often even more durable and hard wearing. While loads that require suspension and shock support should look at other wheel options, any application that simply requires strong, smooth rolling may want to consider solid rubber as an option. 

The build of these products allow them to be very quiet on surfaces and they’re excellent on handling equipment in wet areas such as a wash down space or a processing plant. Because of their durable design, rubbish bins will often have solid rubber wheels that can withstand the weather elements and impact of being placed by a rubbish truck.

Where we find many solid rubber wheel customers using these products is on gates - our small options are useful for light guidance applications, whilst the larger models can provide the weight support needed for opening gates without buckling the hinge. 

Industries that trust Wheelco to supply their solid rubber wheels

Wheelco’s solid rubber wheels are used by many business types, including waste management, home construction, commercial building gates, food processing, supermarkets and retail. 

Tips for researching and buying solid rubber wheels

Looking to purchase solid rubber wheels online? Here’s some useful guidance to help you make the right decision:
  1. Does your load require the handling equipment to absorb shocks? If so, you may wish to consider other wheel types available at Wheelco.
  2. What is the size of the axle or mount and is that compatible with the solid rubber wheel you’re considering?
  3. Does the load weight of all wheels combined safely clear the total load you’d be shifting regularly? Allow 25-30% as a buffer, so if you have a 500kg gate/application, then look for a wheel that will take 600-650kg. Consider the load variance over the lifetime of the application including unexpected rough treatment or awkward weight placement. 
  4. If you’re supporting a gate, does the wheel size reach to the deepest point of the gap between gate bottom and ground?
  5. Do you require a cast iron mount or nylon bushing?
  6. Choose a tyre made from high grade rubber that can withstand impacts and liquid exposure. 
  7. Make sure you purchase through a wheel supplier that can provide post-purchase installation help.

Our team can help you through all of these considerations. We know that the time to get your wheel installed can often be a matter of money for the business. That’s why we ensure a quick response time and rapid delivery. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our standard range? No problem!

While the range of solid rubber wheels we offer on our website are the most common types of wheels, we have access to an even larger range. If you don’t find the right measurements in the products here, you can chat to our team who will help you source the right part for the job.

If you need a solid rubber wheel solution but haven’t yet built the handling equipment - chat to us first, we can help guide you and may even be able to assist with the build itself. 

Why we choose only high quality materials and manufacturing in our rubber wheel range

The wheels we supply to your are of the highest possible standard - both in the materials used and the manufacturing process. We equip you with wheels and handling solutions that offer the key fundamentals - function, durability and design.  

Need help installing your solid rubber wheels?

It’s our pleasure to help clients after they’ve ordered from us. You may need some tips on installation - we can offer this over the phone or email. Because at Wheelco, our job is to get you rolling!