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Lawnmowers are one of those pieces of equipment that often last decades. Some well made mowers from the 80s are still going strong thanks to routine servicing and maintenance. While the engines on lawnmowers will usually be okay for servicing for years to come, the blades and wheels commonly need replacement thanks to the rigours of weekly (or in the case of a business, daily) use. Below you’ll find a big range of replacement lawn mower wheels, designed for most standard types of mower. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Chat to our team who should be able to find the wheel for your mower. 


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Why use Wheelco for replacement lawn mower wheels?

Wheelco knows lawnmowers well. We’ve supplied Kiwis with replacements for their mowers for over a quarter of a century. With lawnmowers there are different mounts and axle sizes depending on the model you have. Our team can help marry up the lawnmower you’ve got to the right wheel you need. If you already know this, great! Our products online here have size specifications included to help you order accurately. 
Not only do we provide a good range of mower replacement wheels, we’re able to supply high quality products at very competitive rates. 

A family owned business, we prioritise our customer’s needs above anything else. This means if you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, we’ll take this on as our mission to find you a solution. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular customer running a lawn mowing business or simply needing a one off replacement wheel for your home mower - we will help you. 

Who are our lawn mower wheels right for?

Put simply - anyone with a lawnmower that’s not rolling properly! Our wheels are compatible with most brands of standard push mower - both petrol and electric. We supply wheels to landscaping and lawn mowing businesses, councils, professional turf maintenance contractors and of course any Kiwi home with a lawnmower in the shed or garage! 

Rather than going through the arduous process of finding the exact part from the original manufacturer, which can take a fair bit of time and cost a typical premium, explore the aftermarket option through Wheelco. 

Signs it’s time to replace the lawnmower’s wheels

You might need to swap out one, some or all of your lawnmower’s wheels in a number of scenarios such as:
  • The lawn mower is not easily pushed along the lawn or up inclined areas
  • The plastic hub is cracked
  • The tyre is broken or separated from the wheel.
  • The inner part of the wheel has lost lug nuts, causing the wheel to come off in operation. 
  • The tyre is worn down making manoeuvrability difficult.

Tips for purchasing replacement lawn mower wheels online

If you’re currently researching lawnmower wheels online, there’s a few things to consider before purchasing: 
  • What model of lawnmower do I have? (check the serial plate on the mower’s side or in the manual if that’s still around)
  • Is there specs on the wheel type in the manual or online?
  • Is a light duty thin tyre right for the use case, or 
  • Do I need a zero pressure thick rubber tyre for more strenuous lawn mowing activity? 
  • What is the width of the axle of my mower and therefore what size centre do I need?
  • Do I need a steel centre or is plastic okay?
  • Does the supplier provide installation guidance?
  • Can they take the model of my mower and help source the right solution for me?
  • How quickly can I get the wheel delivered to me?
  • Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here?
We have a good range of lawn mower wheels that will usually resource our customer’s needs. But if you’ve got a mower or requirement that isn’t available on our website, no worries. Our team can help source the right wheel through our suppliers and get this to your ASAP. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there!

Prioritising quality and manufacturing

Our range of lawnmower wheels are built with very high quality control standards. We ensure that every wheel that Wheelco carries and supplies to lawnmower owners has been tested and manufactured to stand the test of time. From our light duty moulded plastic to the heavier duty steel centre zero pressure wheels, we believe that you should be able to buy with confidence that the product is highly functional and resistant to the typical environmental rigours of lawn mowing. 

Supporting you with installation and choosing the right product

We know that the concern with buying online can sometimes be whether you’re getting the correct wheel for your mower. Wheelco isn’t just a supplier of wheels, we’re a team of wheel experts who spend our day supporting Kiwis to get rolling again. That means we will offer pre and post-purchase guidance from specifying exactly the wheel you need to assisting with installation tips should you need. 

If you end up having to replace other wheels on your mower, we keep a record of your purchase history, so simply get back in touch with us and we’ll call up the part and get it off to you immediately.