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We supply a range of axles that can be used as replacements for all sorts of handling and wheel-based equipment. You’ll find a range of diameters and our range can be cut to size. 


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Why Kiwis choose Wheelco for their axle replacement needs

Wheelco have been providing wheels and handling solutions for New Zealand businesses for 25 years. We have extensive knowledge across the different types of wheels and various applications they’re used. By choosing Wheelco for your replacement axles, you’ve got a supplier who understands the variables such as equipment type, mounting, and measurements. We build custom handling equipment ourselves for some truly bespoke and complex applications, so you know that when you order an axle from us, it’s a good quality product vetted by experts.

You want the peace of mind that you’re ordering the right axle for the job and that you’ve got the help with installation if you need it. Our team has both product and installation knowledge, so if you need that assistance, we are here to help. 

It’s all part of the Wheelco experience our customers enjoy. 

Where you’ll find axles from Wheelco in use

There’s a vast range of equipment that requires an axle, from material handling, storage, trolleys, bins, and more. Our axles are found across factories, transport, aviation, supermarkets, construction - the list goes on. In home use, replacement axles are used in wheelbarrows and lawnmowers.

Buying advice for axles - things to know

If you’re looking online for axles there are some useful hints to help make the right purchase decision:
  1. Take time to understand the diameter of your wheels and the equipment’s spacing for the axle. Select the product that accommodates this.
  2. What sort of fitting does the wheel take and does the axle support this?
  3. What is the length of the axle? Ensure you measure this carefully or seek out dimensions from the equipment manufacturer. 
  4. Find a supplier who can cut the axle to size.
  5. Ensure that you have post purchase installation support. 

We help you navigate all these questions and considerations. 

Made to measure

Every piece of equipment is different, so we can cut axles to size based on your requirements if our standard sizes aren’t quite a fit. Our team will help guide you through the measurement if you require, otherwise simply purchase online and add the measurements in the notes of your order.

Do you require assistance installing your replacement axle?

We can also help guide you to install the axle, including fixing wheels. You may buy wheels and axle together from Wheelco, which allows us to provide advice on the best combination of axle and wheels for the job.