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Our twin wheel furniture castors are highly manoeuvrable. The two wheels in these castors work independently to allow easy swivel action which prevents damage to carpet pile. Our furniture castors are designed for both function and aesthetics, making them ideal for domestic and office applications. Our customers use the twin wheel furniture castors for a range of applications such as light mobile display racks, institutional furniture and equipment, shop fittings and displays.  These are an economical option, up for the task in a wet or corrosive area as well. 


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Why we’re your next furniture castor supplier 

Wheelco helps keep offices, homes and commercial environments rolling with furniture that’s easy to move, rotate and position accurately. We don’t just supply a few options for your twin wheel furniture castor applications, but dozens of options to choose from, including different thickness, width, fixture type and of course braking and non-braking options.

We believe the best possible furniture castor experience is one that accommodates your furniture and use case as best as possible. With our 25 years experience supporting New Zealand replace, repair and build furniture with castors, we can help to ensure you’re purchasing the right equipment for the job. 

You can buy our furniture castors online, or get help from one of our team who will guide you through selection, purchase and installation. When you need to reorder or replace, we’re just a call or email away, with all your previous order history at the ready to make it a smooth process.

Applications for our furniture castors

Customers use our furniture castors for many different types of home and business equipment. We supply large enterprise customers with replacement office chair wheels, partitions and displays in foyers. Meeting room white boards are also stood on furniture castors, with the daily wear on this equipment often requiring replacement castors to keep the equipment secure and functional. 

It’s not just large offices that our furniture castors are in - home offices’ chairs and credenzas demand ease of movement and stability from their wheels. 

Industries that use our furniture castors

Furniture castors can be found in office environments, but are up to the task of being exposed to wet, cold, hot or corrosive environments too. Our clients using furniture castors range from retail to factory to professional services and everything in between. We work with procurement, property, maintenance and administration staff to source and install the twin wheel furniture castors they need. 

Tips for buying furniture castors

When you’re buying castors for a piece of office furniture, there’s a few things worth bearing in mind:

  1. Ensure the fitting of the furniture castor is correct to the equipment. There are a variety of ways these wheels can attach - we provide plate, stem, and threaded variants so your needs are covered. 
  2. Determine what the weight load requirements are for that piece of furniture before buying - the combined number of wheels’ rated load should comfortably exceed that weight. A good rule is 25-30% buffer beyond the rated combined weight. 
  3. Make sure you buy a locking furniture castor if the equipment needs to be kept in place - a good example of this is a portable whiteboard on castors that could move whilst writing on it if not for locking brakes. 
  4. Do you know how to install the wheels safely? Make sure you get help from your supplier. Wheelco provides phone and email support for customers installing their wheels if needed. 


Customised furniture castors solutions available

We offer around 50 twin wheel furniture castors on our online shop, but we have access to even more options through our supplier. We’re able to spec out and supply castors for custom furniture builds as required. Simply get in touch with our team and we’ll get started. 

How our furniture castors are made

We only supply high quality castors and wheels for our customers. The furniture castors available in our shop are made from sturdy, long lasting, commercial grade plastic plates and stainless steel plates or stems. With years ahead of use, we know that only excellent castor material and manufacturing is acceptable for you and your business. 

Installation help for your furniture castors

Luckily our furniture castors are designed to be easy to install, remove and replace, all the while being firmly affixed and hard wearing in use. If you need assistance with proper installation or replacement, we’re able to offer support as you need - simply get in touch with us on email or phone and we’ll help guide you through the process.