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Stainless steel is a proven material in hard wearing design, aesthetic and incredibly versatile functionality. We choose only top quality, corrosion-free stainless steel castors made in Europe. With their quality, robust forks that feature double bearing head race, our steel castors are hewn from industrial grade 304 stainless steel. 

Stainless steel castors are ideal for food processing and anywhere hygiene is paramount. Wheelco’s range is Food Grade approved. We also offer a large choice of wheels including white nylon, grey rubber or blue elastic urethane - all have stainless steel plain bushes. Browse our stainless steel castor wheels, available in plate and bolt hole mounting options.

For loads up to 800kg per castor.


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The best choice for stainless steel castors 

Wheelco are experts in specifying, supplying and supporting stainless steel castor wheels to New Zealand businesses. We have been the choice for thousands of businesses nationwide for over 25 years when it comes to finding stainless steel castors that are up to the task. Our ethos at Wheelco demands that we only supply the best possible stainless steel castors, at the best possible price, with the service to match ensuring a hassle-free delivery and installation. 

Ultimately, when stainless steel castors are involved, the load is often quite significant and the environment can be unforgiving. Wheelco sources only stainless steel that’s graded for industrial use, wear and impacts. 


Applications for our stainless steel castors

Where do our customers use stainless steel castors? Almost anywhere. The advantage of a material like stainless steel is that businesses don’t have to be concerned about wear from elements like extreme cold, heat or wetness. With baseline maintenance of keeping them clean, a set of stainless steel castors will continue to support heavy loads under daily duress for years to come. Our stainless steel wheels can be found supporting stock, under pallet jacks, transporting heavy equipment, moving fluids and handling around a factory and many other strenuous tasks. 


Industries that use stainless steel castor wheels

We help keep many industries moving each day with our steel castors. Clients from industries like aviation, automotive, logistics and freight, food processing, construction, manufacturing, live events, supermarkets, large chain retail and even corporate enterprise all make use of the benefits of Wheelco’s stainless steel range.

Tips for buying stainless steel castors

There are a number of variables and factors worth thinking about as you look to purchase stainless steel wheels:

  1. What is the required daily load that needs to be supported? Does the combination of all fixed stainless steel castor wheels manage that load? Allow a 25-30% buffer to allow for uneven weight distribution, sudden heavy loading and other scenarios of non-standard usage.
  2. What sort of tyre is required around the stainless steel barrel, e.g. rubber, urethane, nylon etc?
  3. Does the load need to be rotatable 360 degrees for all wheels or do some need to be fixed? 
  4. What fittings are compatible with the load / equipment? 
  5. Does the supplier provide a range of sizes and materials to suit your needs?
  6. Does the castor need the ability to brake for safety?

Wheelco has over 60 stainless steel castors available on our online shop, and extensive access to customised or uncommon spec stainless steel castors through our supplier relationship. We’re able to provide help with selecting the right tyre, fitting and size with our expert customer support team.

Customised steel castor solutions available

Stainless steel castors are often found in bespoke load transport solutions as the requirements of dimensions may be specific to that operation. Wheelco doesn't just supply the part; our team has built sophisticated load equipment with stainless steel castors for many industries. If you need assistance to design and build your equipment, we can help.

If you don’t find the stainless steel castor you’re looking for in our products above, get in touch with our team who will source what you need.

How our stainless steel castors are made

As our customers demand function, reliability and durability, Wheelco only sources the best stainless steel castors available, such as those manufactured by German castor experts Blickle. The welds, fittings and assembly of castors from Blickle bring European manufacturing quality standards to New Zealand businesses. At the loads these castors need to withstand each day, customers can enjoy peace of mind from wheels that are made to last.