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Wheelco stocks a range of Reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels, ex stock ready for quick delivery nationwide across New Zealand. We’re your locally owned, expert castor supplier, providing buying advice and installation help, too. Our Reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels are designed to be non-marking with their soft grey wheels, but are also highly corrosion proof and can withstand up to 110 degrees celsius in steam sterilisations environments, depending on the model you choose. Below you’ll find highly-functional, smartly designed reinforced Reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels. 


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The nylon castor provider chosen by many Kiwi businesses

There’s no doubt that our customers require best in class castors to ensure their businesses run smoothly every day.  We also ensure that they have all the information and help they need to both purchase the right product and get it installed properly too. Our Reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels are known for being high quality and fit for purpose across a breadth of applications.  Wheelco are the reliable partner for both new build and replacement parts for wheel based operations.

We’re a family-owned business, but make no mistake, we supply to some of New Zealand’s largest brands for all their wheel needs. Our Reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels are world-class in quality and durability, ensuring that every business who installs them on their equipment gets a great experience every day. We believe that you ought to have the best possible wheels along with the customer service to match, meaning our team is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to help you make the right choice.

The Wheelco team offers email and phone support for both new and long standing customers. If you require the scale and frequency of order that demands it, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who can actively work with you to ensure your wheel needs are met without delay. If you’re not 100% sure on the compatibility of your equipment and a particular castor wheel, we’ll help work that out with you. 

The range we offer includes total braking options, in case your load needs to be securely kept stationary such as during moments of load and offload. The forks are made from high grade nylon fibre and are reinforced to remain stable and accurate over time. 

Where reinforced nylon castors are used

You’ll find Reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels in many applications. Their design makes them excellent for quiet environments with precision waterproof ball bearings that ensure silent movement, even under maximum loads. Reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels are also excellent for health and hygiene considerations, so you’ll find these on trolleys and equipment at hospitals, very common on shower chair commodes, rest homes and kitchens. But they’re equally at home in warehouse areas, thanks to a build and material quality that’s durable against impacts and shifting weight loads. Our reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels are also designed to be non marking thanks to their grey rubber wheels. 

Office equipment such as whiteboards, shelves and mail trolleys may also use reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels which provide a great professional aesthetic in a corporate environment. 

Our customers use reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels for many daily functions and therefore have varying demands around the movement of the load. For some, a swivel version of our castors is required for 2 or all wheels so that the load can be rotated on the spot easily. Others may need a nylon castor fork and wheel, but need to mount it onto a steel or similar load carrying frame - for those we offer the castor combined with steel mounting plate. 

Industries that use our nylon castor wheels

You will see Wheelco’s castor wheels in many industries such as aged care, warehouses, corporate, mailrooms, showrooms, retail, and food. But there’s few places these castors won’t work in. If you’re ever unsure, our team can help provide you direction. 

Advice for buying nylon castors online

When buying reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheels online, make sure you answer the following:
  1. What’s the maximum weight of the equipment or combined items I need to carry with this solution. Will the combined rated weight of the castors easily carry this? Allow a 25-30% buffer to allow for scenarios where the load is unevenly placed across the castors or subject to impacts from heavy loads.
  2. Does the load need to be moved back and forwards or be easily manoeuvrable in a complete 360 rotation?
  3. Is a reinforced Nylon castors with rubber wheel designed to go with this load?
  4. What sort of temperatures will my load need to be stored and moved in? Is stainless steel or iron better suited?
  5. If replacing an old or broken wheel, does the castor’s mounting style marry up with what my load carrying equipment has?
  6. Can the supplier provide guidance on installation and compatibility?
  7. Are there CADs available to assist with the build or replacement of the castor?
  8. If I need help, will the supplier be able to provide this over the phone or email?
  9. Is the product itself reputable and made to a high standard?

If you’re buying online, it’s a big plus if you know the company you’re choosing is both local and reputable. Wheelco can answer all of the above questions and considerations. We’re a team that’s motivated by getting you the best solution for your problem. There’s few things we haven’t encountered in our 25 years of operation, so you can be confident in choosing Wheelco. 

Custom reinforced nylon castor wheel solutions

We have a great range of high quality reinforced nylon castor wheels, but we know that not every customer has a standard requirement. If you need help with a nylon castor solution that isn’t found on our website, we can help. First, our team doesn’t just sell products, we build custom load transport solutions, so you can provide us your needs and our bespoke team will design and build a solution in our commercial grade workshop.  Or, if you’ve got the build covered but simply need a size or configuration of castor that you can’t find, chat with our team today and we’ll make it our mission to find this for you.  

Reinforced nylon castors manufactured to the highest standard

If there’s one thing we know about Kiwi industry, it’s that we value quality and longevity. At Wheelco, we put as much effort into the sourcing of great products as we do supplying them to you. Our standard for build quality and materials is very high, ensuring that when you buy a castor from Wheelco, you’re getting the very best. Our close relationship with German-based and produced Blickle Wheels and Castors allows us to get stock quickly but also work with them to access less common parts and even custom made components. 

We trust the likes of Blickle as everything from welds to bearings to tyres are made for ease of installation, effortless function and of course, extended lifespan.

Installation help for your nylon castors

The issue with many equipment suppliers is they want to just sell you a part and never hear from you again. That’s not us. We believe that the best relationships with suppliers are those where you can trust the advice, product and support every time you need it. Wheelco’s mission is to keep your load rolling smoothly so our team are experts in our range and know how to provide installation support over the phone or email. For larger projects, we may even be able to provide on site assistance. Our castors often come with CAD files which can be used to inform installation as well.