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If you’re looking for castor wheels that can deal with uneven terrain and vibrations without damaging the load, pneumatic castors are a great choice. Filled with high pressure air, Wheelco’s range of pneumatic castors are the choice of New Zealand commercial operations nationwide. Here you’ll find strong, robust castors, with both pressed and fabricated fork construction. 

We also provide grey tyres for non-marking operation and puncture proof options to reduce downtime. With loads up to 140kg per castor and weld-on mounting plates available, Wheelco has your pneumatic castor needs sorted.


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Why Kiwi companies choose Wheelco for pneumatic castors


Where precious loads need to be transported safely, businesses need the peace of mind that their castors are up to the job. With our pneumatic castor wheels, customers get just that - peace of mind. It’s not enough to simply provide a standard castor wheel - we make sure to source only the best in class products that are up to the job. We also provide expert guidance to every customer on the right pneumatic castor for their specific requirements. Our team is also committed to timely responses to every enquiry, because we understand that any downtime without the right pneumatic castor could be costing your business. We’re committed to getting the right castor to you, installed securely and rolling smoothly.

Wheelco also has over 25 years partnering with New Zealand businesses for all their industrial wheel needs. We don’t just sell wheels, we build long term trusted relationships. Our customers know that if they need anything our team is there to help. We’re also able to spec out custom castors to meet a non-standard application. It’s about best solving the task at hand.

A family-owned, local New Zealand business, Wheelco is the right choice for Kiwi businesses looking for a reliable, friendly pneumatic castor wheel supplier. 

Where our pneumatic castors are used


Pneumatic castors are designed to protect their load by providing some natural shock absorption in the tyre wheel compared to a nylon, solid plastic or metal wheel. This means that fragile goods can be transported with less worry of damage. Pneumatic castors are therefore popular for moving crockery around a restaurant or hotel, and even outdoors between buildings. As an alternative to air filled pneumatic castors, some models come with a foam filled urethane option.

Other things like audio visual equipment are expensive and have lots of small components that may be susceptible to damage from sudden bumps and shocks. Pneumatic castor wheels provide a smoother ride across rough or unsealed ground, reducing the effect of bumps on the load carried. A trolley, case or rolling shelf unit with pneumatic castors may be a good choice if there are concerns around vibrations and their damage to goods transported.  

Our pneumatic wheels are also used in places where a floor material needs to be protected from marks - think the lobby of a hotel, a showroom or floor of a department store. The grey tyre design of our pneumatic castors helps to prevent marking up the floor when carrying a large load and making a turn or stopping.

Industries that use our pneumatic castor wheels

The pneumatic castor’s vibration protection makes it popular in many industries including hospitality, automotive, film & TV, retail, manufacturing, chemicals and even food processing. Consider the movement of liquids that can react to shakes and bumps - the pneumatic option allows these types of operations to move their product around without concern.  Supermarkets also opt for pneumatic tyre castors for the loading and shifting of product between aisle, storage and loading bays.

Advice for buying pneumatic castors online

If you’re looking at purchasing pneumatic castors for the first time, here’s some tips:
  1. Ensure that the weight of the shelf, trolley and its intended max load is comfortably within the rated kg weight limit of your castors - combined. Allow a 25-30% weight buffer ideally as this helps to allow for scenarios where the load is unevenly distributed or subject to sudden loading. 
  2. Do you need to be moving the load with complete 360 degree swivel ability, forward and back only, or a combined swivel and fixed castor configuration (like that on a typical supermarket trolley).
  3. How will the castor be affixed to the transport apparatus - bolted on or is a weld required (if so you’ll need a mounting plate). 
  4. What environment is the castor going to be in? Does the castor provide resistance to water, temperature swing and impact?
  5. What sort of floor surface is required? And will the tyre of your pneumatic castor be big enough to easily move across this surface?
  6. Is the castor provider able to supply installation support?

Wheelco can satisfy all of these needs and answer these questions, plus a lot more. We know pneumatic castors, and are here to ensure you make the right choice.

Custom pneumatic castor wheel options available


You’ll find a broad range of pneumatic castor wheel options that are fit for many applications and industries. However, there are certain operations that require a bespoke solution outside of the product range. Wheelco has been designing and building custom wheel solutions for clients for many years, with our bespoke work found in the likes of aviation, construction and virtually every other industry that needs castors. If you don’t find what you need from the products in this section, we will likely be able to source a non-standard option for you, or indeed build a complete solution for you. Get in touch with our team today for a free consultation. 

Pneumatic castors built to exacting standards and with high quality materials

Your pneumatic castors are made by only the best wheel manufacturers in the world, including the German-made Blickle Wheels and Castors. In our choice of suppliers who demand the highest level of quality possible in their production process and components, we can ensure our customers’ businesses can keep rolling with confidence for the long haul. Our relationships with our suppliers are at such a level where we can quickly source non-standard wheels and get them to you fast. 

Choose your pneumatic castor wheel with the confidence that the welds, bolts, tyres and bearings are all designed for hard-wearing industrial application.

Installation help for your new castors

If you’re not 100% sure on how to install your pneumatic castor, our team is here to help. We provide phone support and for some products can supply CAD files. If you have a challenge with how to prepare your load to accommodate castors, we can provide guidance here too.