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Wheelco stocks New Zealand’s largest range of castors for all applications. Whatever the load, floor conditions, distance to travel or fitting type, we can help solve your problem. We offer a huge range of products, ex stock, for fast, overnight despatch nationwide. 

Combined with our 25 years experience and expert staff, we can assist with new designs and custom build projects, supplying CAD files and detailed specifications. With repairs and maintenance on existing equipment, we’re able to offer free helpful advice to make sure you choose the right castor product fit for purpose.  Wheelco has the right industrial castor to help you keep rolling smoothly!


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Why Wheelco is your ideal castors partner

We understand that when it comes to buying industrial castor wheels, our customers demand reliability and guidance to ensure their own business operation runs smoothly. Whether it’s transporting stock, outfitting a fleet of trolleys or creating better efficiencies in a factory environment, castor wheels must be up for the job. 

Wheelco is a family owned and operated business with over quarter of a century of supplying New Zealand businesses. Our team has been built with people who prioritise customer care above all else. We believe that your business deserves the best possible products along with the right advice to purchase accurately, get installed easily and have maintenance support when you need it. 

It’s not just castor sales that we focus on - we build custom solutions for our customers every day using castor wheels. It’s not just about the stock, but the task at hand. 

Our team offers email and phone support whether you’re a first time customer or a long time partner. When you’re dealing with lots of dimensions and specifications, it’s great peace of mind to know you’ve got a wheel supplier that can assist you. 

Applications for our castors

Good quality castor wheels are relied upon to take heavy loads while providing smooth, effortless movements by users of all sizes and strengths. The more the castor can handle, the less required of the person manipulating the equipment. Our castors can be found on storage shelving, supermarket trolleys, scaffolds, event road cases, automotive workshops (under car creepers, shelving, heavy duty toolkits), office chairs, cabinets, and more. Many of our customers have significant loads they need to transport, so our heavy duty castor solutions are ideal. This could include transportation of heavy vehicles, or materials handling of substances at scale. 

We provide all types of castor, including 360 swivel options to allow for complete movement in any direction, or spring-loaded options to manage frequent load and offload shocks. Proper load manipulation demands castors with materials that can withstand heavy loads, but have fixtures that remain stable and connected. Our castors are used in environments where the temperature fluctuates, there are floor liquids present and heavy impact risk. That’s why we choose only castors that are up for the job of rigorous daily usage. 

Industries that use our castor wheels

Our castor wheels can be found in virtually every industry across New Zealand, whether that be food processing, chemical handling, supermarket chains, retail, factory management, large venues, aviation, building and construction, technology, retail - you name it, we’ve probably got customers in that industry!

Tips for buying castors online

When buying castor wheels online, it’s important to consider a few things:

  1. What is the load I need to move and can the combined rated weight of the castors comfortably accommodate this?
  2. Will I need to move the load forwards and backwards only, or will I need to be able to rotate the load easily, and have 360 degree motion available?
  3. What environment is the load going to be used in most typically? And therefore what’s the best castor material to use (e.g. rubber, nylon, iron, urethane etc)
  4. Make sure you’ve done an assessment of the load and application before ordering - need help? Our team is here to guide you through this.  Otherwise, if you know the type of castor you need, order today!
  5. Is there a CAD available?
  6. Are there any design requirements for commercial branding purposes? E.g. red coloured castor wheels.
  7. Is the supplier able to provide customised builds and installation help if needed?
  8. Is the business able to provide local, expert support if you need?

Luckily, Wheelco can address all of these things and more. We know that buying online when there’s a high stakes load to manage needs to be done carefully. We’re designed to take orders directly off the website, but manage product enquiries via phone, email or if at scale in person too.

Customised castors solutions available

While we have a massive range of castors on our online shop, we are able to access almost any type of castor you could possibly want. Our team also partners with customers to build equipment with castors specifically for a certain job. This includes the construction of some load equipment itself, not just the castor installation. 

If you need a castor wheel of a certain fixture size, wheel thickness, wheel width, colour, material or any other variable, then Wheelco is your go-to partner. Our relationships with world-renowned castor manufacturers gives us the ability to source and spec out the castor solution your business requires. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team today for a free consultation.

Our castors are made with exceptional materials and machining

Wheelco doesn't just spend time supplying our customers wheel castors, we’re dedicated to building strong relationships with some of the best castor manufacturers in the world, including German-made Blickle Wheels and Castors. By choosing suppliers who prioritise exemplary manufacturing standards and material quality, we’re able to confidently supply to Kiwi businesses with products that will stand the test of time. These relationships also enable us to seek out uncommon variants or custom built variants of castors for a special task you may require. 

Everything including the welding, bolts, bearings, tyre and wheel barrel are all produced to exacting standards.

Installation help for your castors

We don’t believe that simply supplying you with the castor is enough. Our team is your go to castor support partner, who can send specifications and CAD drawings to help your team install. If you have a large scale, complex piece of equipment, our team may also be able to supply onsite installation help. Simply get in touch with us to tell us about your unique castor challenge. 

Once you’ve got castors fitted to your equipment, you can also contact us to re-order or get replacement castors for old equipment as required. We maintain careful records for our clients, helping to take the admin out of your hands when it comes to ordering in the future.