About Us

Custom-made or off the shelf, our team knows all about wheels.

Living in a world of change makes us think even more about our customers’ requirements and how we can help their projects and businesses to run smoothly. When it comes to applying our knowledge and expertise to our customers’ needs, we are full of energy and are never standing still. As we are a family-run enterprise our customers benefit from a friendly, helpful attitude and the caring service that we provide.

We measure our standards not only by an impressive and comprehensive product range and product development, but also, and most importantly, by customer satisfaction. Wheelco know how to listen and how to help.

Each member of staff prides themselves on staying on the cutting edge of product knowledge and as such our customers deal directly with the experts on wheels, castors and materials handling equipment. Experience and expertise rolls freely at Wheelco and going the extra mile is all a part of the service. Our growth is based on providing quality, innovation and exceptional personal service.